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Father Time Bread

Father Time Bread bakes premium organic bread shipped fresh and straight to your home. Built with a mission to make good things happen through food and fun, they use the most wholesome and pure ingredients in their loaves.

A slice of Father Time Bread!

Fresh bread baked with pure honey and organic whole wheat to help busy families eat better and spend more time together.

Father Time Bread’s husband and wife founder duo spent 15 years perfecting the art of homemade, whole grain bread. They studied and sourced the freshest ingredients to make it easy and enjoyable for the whole family to eat quality food again.

With hopes of making top-notch bread accessible to busy families, Father Time decided to ship their product directly versus selling in grocery stores. Great organic bread can be hard to find and choosing a direct-to-consumer model gets their loaves to consumers quicker. Taylor West, co-founder of Father Time, knew he needed premium boxes that looked great and were strong enough to keep his bread undamaged. After a test run with Packlane, West was thrilled with the quality of his shipping boxes but wanted to be sure that they were durable. He consulted with our packaging experts to invest in custom inserts that would ensure safe delivery and customer satisfaction. With loaves that are fresh-baked and shipped fast, Father Time Bread brings something new to the bread basket that everyone kneads to try.

Behind the Box

“When I discovered Packlane, it was a game changer. Using Packlane’s online builder, I was able to quickly mock up a box design in full CMYK colors. The ability to self-design my box is amazing. Customers love receiving our deep blue box when it hits their doorstep. There simply is no better option than Packlane. If you’re doing small quantities and a very highly customizable design, nothing can come close to the experience.”

Taylor West
Co-Founder & CEO
Father Time Bread

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