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Port of Mokha

Port of Mokha takes coffee-lovers on a journey to the world’s most exquisite brew by providing more than just an incredible drinking experience. Their coffee creates ripples of positive impact that changes lives and revitalizes cultures.

Board into the Port of Mokha!

The world’s highest rated coffee makes waves unlike any other.

Port of Mokha welcomes you to a whole new world with beans produced from mountain-top farms in Yemen, the oldest land known to cultivate coffee. With mighty blends that can be purchased on a box-by-box basis or by monthly subscription, coffee-drinkers can savor each sip knowing that their purchase makes a difference for the communities of Yemeni farmers.

Port of Mokha’s founder, Mokhtar, had hopes of transforming the Yemen villages and elevating their quality of life by improving their quality of crops. Through coffee, he provided vision, education, powerful branding and packaging to help build a profitable, self-sustaining structure for farmers. Each box from Port of Mokha symbolizes gender equality, drug eradication, and a changed life for the Yemeni people.

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