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Audacious Sockware

Step outside the box with bold, vibrant socks designed by Audacious Sockwear (ASW). Whenever you purchase a pair or six, you’ll receive your order in a custom branded mailer box that will knock your socks off.

We make a great pair

Bright custom socks plus custom packaging make quite a pair! Audacious Sockwear made sure every part of the customer’s order experience was a bright one from the socks they purchase to the mailers they arrive in.

To get a foot up on the competition, they selected a white mailer style box. Having a white base allows for their pink layer to pop under the contrasting black logo. Keeping the packaging longer and slender ASW flat-packs each pair of socks without having to roll or wrinkle their product.


Having confidence in their packaging options, they can easily ship out each mailer as is without individual packaging making the whole fulfillment process a few steps easier.


The bright pink box isn’t the only custom mailer ASW has up their sleeve. They designed several box options including a larger black and yellow bee box. They say both boxes are attention getters!


Behind the Box

“We’ve received products before that were literally shipped to me in a brown box and that’s it. When you receive the box we want it to be an experience and carry the torch from our website to your home and sock drawer. With Packlane we have the confidence that our boxes will always be the best!”

Brittany Harris
Creator and Designer
Audacious Sockware

Now it's your turn

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