Is it possible for a big bowl of pasta to be healthy?It sure is! Banza’s chickpea pasta is more than the average pasta with more protein, more fiber, and fewer net carbs. 

So Many Pasta-bilities

Working with wholesale as well as direct to consumer, Banza needed a variety of packaging to ship their pasta products in.

Coming in roughly a dozen different shapes, Banza makes it easy to customize your meals. So it only makes sense that they invested the same attention to detail in their packaging. Selecting both a mailer and shipper, Banza creates options within their daily fulfillment process.

Using symbols of their pasta, they created a near wrap-around playful pattern on both their mailer and shipper. While most of the Banza brand is a recognizable red-orange packaging, for their shipper they opted to do a contrasting color of a dark blue, which they also feature secondary in their branding.

For the holidays, Banza decided to spice things up by flipping their original color on white material design to a white ink on kraft material design. The logo, pasta imagery, and dieline layout stayed the same, but the change in ink and materials created a box design that looks completely brand new.


Packlane’s Perspective

“I love Banza Pasta so of course seeing their boxes printed with us is extra exciting! From the bold color choices to the white ink on kraft, their design is right up my alley of being simple but also fun with the pattern of pasta.”

Krista M
Print Production Artist

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