Benni brings wellness straight to your doorstep with all-natural, plant-based shots to support immunity and promote sleep. They have formulated high quality, potent blends with organic ingredients that make the health benni-fits of plants accessible to everyone.

Packed with Benni-fits!

Vegan wellness shots that amplify good health and encourage self-care with organic ingredients backed by science.

Benni is here to demystify ‘health’ fads and believes that true healthiness is a marathon race, not a sprint, to the finish line. They’ve spent the time curating shots and packets that are made with simple, effective ingredients anyone can feel good about drinking.

Their all-natural, plant-based wellness shots promote immunity and rest with turmeric, ginger, lavender, zinc, dragon fruit, and other minerals or extracts. Not only is Benni good for you, but it also tastes great and is ready-to-drink at room temperature, chilled, or in teas and smoothies. Inspired by the latin word ‘bene’ (meaning ‘well’), Benni embodies a friendly way to get benni-ficial ingredients as part of your everyday routine.

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