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Ought Collective

Ought Collective is a growing collaboration of designers and artists creating unique products like animal skull shaped candles, coaster sets, incense holders shaped like houses, and more. 

You Ought-a Know

As designers, having a beautiful product and equally stunning packaging to protect Ought Collective’s delicate products are a must.

Ought Collective collectively chose shipper options to house each individual item. With fragile products like wax candles or a cement made incense holder, having a sturdy material to protect their items is important to ensuring they arrive in perfect condition. 

Though each product is an individual work of art, Ought Collective finds a cohesive element in their coordinating packaging designs. Font styles and layouts are similar, but each design is given its own color scheme. Vigil Candle is a bright shade of green; Dwellings is a deep shade of blue; Septa Coasters shipper is a golden yellow.

Ought Collective can remind you that one custom design is good, but three cohesive designs are better. You can’t deny that their custom printed shippers don’t look great solo or grouped together. 


Packlane’s Perspective

“Cohesive packaging like this is so interesting when paired together! They used some of the same design elements in each one, but each shipper still has its own personality.”

Bernardo R
Print Production Artist

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