The world’s first sending platform, Sendoso, sources, stores, ships, and tracks ROI for anything you need to send. From company swag, customer gifts, printed collateral, and so much more, Sendoso’s online platform makes it simple to manage the sourcing and shipping process. 

Send Me on My Way

Sendoso knew their company swag options needed a box with a lot of swagger.

When shipping dozens of potentially different items, having a sturdy and durable package is key to ensuring it gets safely from point A to point B. Using a custom mailer box, Sendoso ensures that the contents of their own custom packaging arrive unharmed and protected.

The Sendoso logo includes an arrow into its bright orange S-shape symbolizing it’s quickly shipped status. While the outside of the box remains more simplified with the name and flying box image, the inside gets the party started with a bright orange and light blue pattern.


Sendoso uses custom packaging for their own brand, but they also design and create custom branded mailer boxes for other businesses using Packlane’s services. With a myriad of size and design options, they know the possibilities are endless to create perfect packaging every time.


Behind the Box

“Some of our customers need custom boxes but they may not have a designer on staff. It’s so easy because I can literally drop the logo in and see how it will look immediately. With Packlane, it’s super simple to be able to get all of the information I need so I can present it to my customer. It’s as simple as that.”

Lexie Stegura
Senior Project Manager

Now it's your turn

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