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First Hand Supply

Through “honest sourcing, sustainable process, and a heavy dose of give-a-damn,” as they put it, First Hand Supply is creating awesome products (like their hydrating shampoo and conditioner or their activated charcoal body cleanser) for the awesome people they believe in.

See it First Hand

First Hand Supply knew custom printed folding cartons were the way to go to fit their fresh design and to increase their sustainability efforts.

First Hand Supply made a big impact with simple elements on their custom printed cartons. With careful sizing, they created a snug fit for their products within their freshly designed boxes.

They brought their minimal design to life by adding a beautiful script font and accent colors. The carton is elegant and sophisticated at the same time. Every time a customer looks at it, it exudes that “It” factor.


Thanks to custom-sizing, being able to closely fit their product dimensions reduces material waste and their carbon footprint when shipping.


Packlane’s Perspective

“These cartons show that minimal designs can make a really big impact. The white space and light colors bring their fresh branding to life.””

José L.
Print Production Artist

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