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Wiley Body

When you’re looking for something gentle and safe to use on your family’s skin, Wiley Body’s hydrating body wash is exactly what you want. Their unofficial motto (that appears on their packaging) is “do more with less”. 

Baby Got Bath

By shipping their products directly in custom printed mailer boxes, Wiley Body is simplifying their packaging needs.


Wiley Body’s product may be aimed towards babies, but their custom mailer packaging is equal parts playful and sophisticated.

Abstract shapes in muted colors with plenty of curated unprinted white space appear all over Wiley Body’s boxes. To finish off their packaging, on the front flap they neatly label their instagram and website.

The customer experience doesn’t end with the unboxing. Wiley Body designed and created folding cartons that match the design of their mailers and overall brand aesthetic.


Packlane’s Perspective

“The abstract shapes not only make this a playful kid-friendly design, but also a fresh and sophisticated design for adults. Anyone of any age can appreciate both the product and packaging!”

Larkin D
Print Production Artist

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