If you are looking for astonishing print quality at high resolutions and are planning to place large orders for your packaging (5000 units or more), then litho or flexo are likely the most ideal print methods for you.

While these methods may cost more up front, they typically cost less in the long run if you plan to reorder the same packaging multiple times. Due to the differences in how the ink is applied to the material, litho and flexo printing are also able to offer more clarity and fine detail to your design then what is possible with digital printing. With a variety of print materials, finishes, and available add-ons (think foils, embossing and more!), print methods like litho and flexo are ideal for companies that are looking to take their brand to the next level. 

Litho and flexo orders are placed through our one-stop shop for bulk packaging, Packlane Plus. When you order through Packlane Plus, you are matched with a packaging expert who guides you and stays hands-on throughout our relationship.

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