As a senior at Brigham Young University Idaho, Natalie Ramirez needed to design a student project for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. At the Winter 2019 Fine Arts show, Natalie showcased a game for creatives she designed called Oculus.

This is a Game Changer

 With all wooden game pieces carefully created, she embarked on her packaging design quest as she knew all great board games come in a colorful printed box.

With her specialty of graphic design, she paired bold, bright colors, clean typography, and abstract shapes in her game. Using those same elements, she pulled them onto a downloadable dieline template to create an equally colorful custom mailer.

Since mailers are self locking, Natalie didn’t need to create lockings or tape anything together after assembling her box which made for the perfect option for keeping her board game contained. Natalie only needed a single, perfect box for the final touches of Oculus, though she does have potential plans to market and sell multiple units one day.


Natalie showcased her design in both full color on white material as well as a white and black ink on kraft option. Using different styles of the same design allows for an entirely fresh look with minimal effort.


Behind the Box

“When I was creating Oculus and my student project, I knew having something tangible was really going to help me stand out at our final art show. The packaging came out beautifully and I aced my project!”

Natalie Ramirez
Natalie Ramirez Design

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