Behind the Box

The Complete Guide To Subscription Box Packaging Design

Unkuppd Coffee's Mailer Box by Packlane

29 Aug 2019

Beautifully designed subscription box packaging can take your brand or products to the next level and make your subscribers feel like they’re getting something special. Its size should fit all of your products comfortably. But it shouldn’t be so big that products are swimming around or so small that it’s bursting at the seams. It […]

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Uprising Food Revolutionizes Custom Branded Packaging

Uprising Food showcases Packlane's custom mailer boxes

27 Aug 2019

The dawning of a new revolution against “Big Bread” began in January 2019 which led to the birth of Uprising Foods, a health-conscious bread company. The founding brother and sister duo, William and Kate Schumacher, launched their plan of attack with their first product line. Breadlam’s Uprising, which features the Keto Kube™ is a hand-made […]

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How to Safely Ship Fragile Items in the Mail

Crate with fragile sign printed on it

25 Jul 2019

In a perfect world, when shipping fragile items in the mail they’ll arrive in absolutely pristine condition, just as it did when we shipped it off—a crisp, clean box without any smudges or dents, ensuring that the contents are in just as perfect shape The reality is that no matter which shipping carrier you use […]

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How to Choose the Right Custom Product Packaging

Custom product packaging and mailer boxes

25 Jul 2019

Products make the world go round. The right custom product packaging can help make a good product great. It can also give your brand the boost it deserves. Get it wrong and the effects could be disastrous. After all, first impressions are everything these days. But never fear, we’re here to help. Knowing these valuable […]

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Get Cozy CBD Packaging like Cozy Cactus Goods

Lauren Kemp of Cozy Cactus Goods talks to Packlane about her cbd packaging

23 Jul 2019

In 2017, while training for her first marathon, Lauren Kemp was struggling with daily muscle pain and soreness. She tried various remedies to soothe her pain. But the one that became her saving grace was a friend’s homemade cannabidiol (CBD) body balm. One year later, Cozy Cactus Goods was created.  CBD is a non-psychoactive compound […]

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6 Tips for Ecommerce Fulfillment Friendly Packaging


2 Jul 2019

Custom packaging is vital and knowing how to prepare your product for ecommerce fulfillment will make a world of difference in the way your brand is perceived. One of the most important aspects of how your brand is perceived is the delivery window. In 2017, 63% of online shoppers expected three-day delivery. This is a […]

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Sundaily’s Custom Skincare Packaging and Gummies Work Inside and Out

Sundaily's Chris Tolles shows Packlane's custom mailer box

11 Jun 2019

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard the major health care tip: Wear sunscreen daily. The fight to keep our skin fresh and safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays and other environmental pollutants is decades old. Applying sunscreen is just the tip of the iceberg to protect the skin you’re in. […]

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How To Create A Successful Easter Marketing Campaign in 2019

Custom mailer box by Packlane for Sugarpill cosmetics

12 Mar 2019

Is your Easter marketing campaign ready for 2019? Easter’s coming a little later than usual this year but that gives your brand a little more time to get ready for the holiday. We’ve found some tried-and-true strategies that will give your marketing strategy an extra boost. Easter is traditionally a retail holiday but as trends […]

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10 Unique Resources for Food Packaging Design

Banza pasta food packaging design

11 Dec 2018

This is a guest post by Laura Busche, a Brand Content Strategist at Creative Market who regularly blogs about branding and business at She is the author of O’Reilly Media’s Lean Branding book. Laura earned a summa cum laude degree in Business Administration from American University in Washington DC, and a Master of Arts in […]

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