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Delightful bread and delighted customers

Watch how Father Time Bread is slicing up the competition by delivering fresh bread directly to their customers in custom boxes.

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    We have scoured the options on the market, and I haven't found a company that beats Packlane on speed, quality and price. I am not surprised that they have been growing so fast. I’ve recommended them to many friends and colleagues who have started e-commerce companies, and they're now happy customers of Packlane as well.

    Leslie Voorhees Means

    Founder and CEO, Anomalie

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    We've tried multiple custom packaging companies, and since switching to Packlane we've never looked back. After four years and tens of thousands of boxes, I can honestly say that there is no better solution for subscription box companies. If you're looking for low MOQs, superior quality boxes and customer support to match, look no further.

    Tyler Turk

    Founder, Crated with Love

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    When I discovered Packlane, it was a game changer. Using Packlane's online builder, I was able to quickly mock up a box design in full CMYK colors. The ability to self-design my box is amazing. And when I discovered I was able to order as little as one box, it only got better.

    Taylor West

    Co-Owner, Father Time Bread

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    The quality of our custom packaging was a concern when we began. But our sample order with Packlane was perfect and that gave us the confidence to make Packlane our preferred partner for branded boxes. Custom packaging definitely works and Packlane is the pioneer in producing it.

    Akshay Gupta

    Co-Founder and COO, Evabot

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    Our boxes create an experience for the brand with which we partner as well as the influencers. Custom packaging allowed us to elevate the type of content our influencers created on behalf of our company and our clients. These boxes allowed us to become shareable and memorable.

    Sherri Langburt

    CEO, Babbleboxx

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    When a customer comes to us and says, "Hey, we want a custom box," I'll go to Packlane and enter their dimensions and download the dieline. I'm able to give our customers a quote immediately. With Packlane, it's super simple to be able to get all of the information I need so I can present it to my customer. It's as simple as that.

    Lexie Stegura

    Senior Project Manager, Sendoso

How leading brands are succeeding with Packlane

  • Babbleboxx

  • Audacious Sock Wear

    Audacious Sock Wear
  • Evabot

  • Sendoso

  • Babble Box Logo

    Sherri Langburt


    Babbleboxx is the leader in Influencer Marketing services.

    In 2018, Babbleboxx was listed as one of Inc's 500 fastest-growing private companies and Sherri says they couldn't have done it without Packlane!

    "Packlane has been our trusted partner from the beginning. They have provided us with flexible solutions to accommodate all of our specific design and packaging requirements. We receive so many last-minute projects, and Packlane works with us to ensure we receive all orders on schedule."

    Babble Box Custom Packaging
  • Brittany Harris

    Creator and Designer, Audacious Sock Wear

    Audacious Sock Wear creates socks for the bold and brave, and Brittany Harris knew that shipping socks in a boring brown box wouldn't cut it.

    "Custom packaging is how people recognize your brand. As a new brand, it is imperative for us to stand out among the competition and with Packlane we have confidence our boxes will always be the best. We use our packaging and design to carry the torch from our website to your home and sock drawer. When you receive your package, we want it to be an experience. You can literally see our boxes a mile away!"

    Audacious Sock Custom Packaging
  • Ashkay Gupta, CEO & Founder of Evabot
    Evabot Logo

    Akshay Gupta

    Co-Founder and COO

    Evabot enables you to easily send personalized gifts to clients. And for co-founder and COO of Evabot, Akshay Gupta, that means a lot of packaging.

    "Packlane not only allows us to place multiple small orders but ensures that each box maintains its quality as part of the unique gifting experience we promise our customers. We chose Packlane for the ease of use, flexibility, and customization they offer. The amazing support team of packaging experts who are always there to help makes Packlane a cut above. There is no match!"

    Evabot Custom Packaging
  • Lexie Stegura, Senior Project Manager at Sendoso
    Sendoso Logo

    Lexie Stegura

    Senior Project Manager, Sendoso

    Sendoso is the world's first sending platform. When their customers want to create custom packaging, they turn to project manager Lexie Stegura.

    Packlane's design process is so easy that it saves both Lexie and her customers time, making it a win for everyone!

    "Our customers need custom boxes but they may not have a designer on staff. I love how quick and easy it is to be able to pick a box size and style, download a dieline, and then give our customers a quote."

    Sendoso Custom Packaging

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