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Box Sizes

Size it up

Give customers a truly premium experience with a custom product box that fits like a glove. Our custom size options allow you to tailor your packaging so your product won't shift around while they're admiring your fabulous box design.

Custom product box

Light as a feather

A stunner on retail shelves, our product packaging feels effortlessly high-end. Made from 14pt, 18pt, or 24pt paperboard, these boxes are stronger than you think and can hold up to 1 lb. Pair them with a durable mailer or shipping box for extra protection when delivering to customers.

Get inspired

In need of inspiration? Whether you’re designing your product box for a chocolate bar or a bottle of perfume, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing.
Custom product box
Custom printed product boxes
Printed product boxes

All custom paperboard boxes are produced right here in the USA


Simple sustainability

We care deeply about sustainability and we're constantly innovating to create sustainable packaging for the years to come. That's why all of our corrugated and paper-based materials are sourced right here in North America with the highest recycled content available whenever possible.

Sample the goods

If you're curious what our boxes look like up close and personal, order a pre-printed Packlane Sample Kit to see our current material and print quality options.
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Be ready when it's time to design your custom product boxes.