Shipping box

Shipping Box

Protection is the name of the game here and this corrugated shipping box is the star player. Our most economical choice for shipping bulkier items, it’s thick, strong, and secure without skimping on style.

*All sizes are listed as interior dimensions in inches.

**The pricing may vary depending on ink coverage.

  • Customize in 3D
  • Custom Sizing
  • Material
  • Print

Easy to create

  • Select your Size

    1. Select your size

    Need a custom sized shipping box that glides through the mail and saves money on shipping? Simply adjust your dimensions to fit your product.
  • Make it your own

    2. Make it your own

    Creating a crowd-pleasing shipping box that's guaranteed to delight is easy. With our online design tool, you can add your logos, colors and more.
  • Get a quote instantly

    3. Get a quote instantly

    Order as few or as many as you need to get through the busy shipping season. With instant quoting, you can stock up well within budget.
Select your size Make it your own Get a quote instantly

Size it up

Save money on shipping and give your product the protection it deserves with a custom sized shipping box. From snug to roomy, we can create a box that holds your precious cargo safely inside.

Box Sizes

Material options

Our most popular option, our classic white cardboard has a gorgeous matte finish and looks great in any color, especially bright, vibrant hues.

Rugged and eye-catching, our kraft cardboard is brown inside and out. It works well with deep colors and has a natural finish.

  • Classic white Classic white
  • KraftKraft
Box Colors

Print in all colors

Don't limit your design to just one color. With full digital CMYK printing, you can stay under budget and choose as many colors as your heart desires.

No setup costs. No limits on color. What more could you ask for?

Fit to print
Thick, protective material

Thick, protective material

Sized for large and small items

Custom sizes big and small



Free online proofing

Free online proofing

Fast turnarounds

Fast turnarounds

Digital CMYK printing

Digital CMYK printing

Durable construction

Durable construction

Thickness and durability

Solid as a rock

Protect your products from unnecessary damage with our rugged and tough shipping box. Made from 1/8” B-flute single-wall corrugated cardboard, it can safely ship up to 30 lbs standard.

Get inspired

Shipping Box

All custom boxes are produced right here in the USA

Alpacka Alpacka

Simple sustainability

We care deeply about sustainability and we're constantly innovating to create sustainable packaging for the years to come. That's why all of our corrugated and paper-based materials are sourced right here in North America with the highest recycled content available whenever possible.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Packlane - Review
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    Better than expected

    Long World Travel & Consulting, LLC. 388 days ago

    Better than expected; I will use Packlane for future projects!

  • Packlane - Review
    Star Checked Star Checked Star Checked Star Checked Star Checked

    Vee Vivrant 97 days ago

    I've ordered at least 4 different versions of boxes from Packlane for my brand and I haven't been disappointed yet! For me, customer service has always been superb. The box quality and price is great for being made in the US. As a company based in Canada, the shipping is always quick and well packed. I'm very happy to recommend Packlane to anyone who asks!

  • Packlane - Review
    Star Checked Star Checked Star Checked Star Checked Star Checked

    Breanna Stone 94 days ago

    I had an amazing experience. I placed my order and immediately received an email that my fonts were too small and my jpeg needed to be a higher resolution. I had mistakenly uploaded the wrong file with a lower resolution. I was able to live chat and correspond via email during resubmitting my art. Jose made it feel like a live shopping experience. I placed an order for a table top runner with my logo from a different company...wish they had customer service like you! Now I have awesome boxes and a table runner with a Minecraft looking logo � I’ll use my boxes to hide it ���

Sample the goods

We really want you to love your order so we're putting you in the driver's seat. Start off with a pre-printed sample kit to help you choose your materials and see the quality of our boxes firsthand. When you're ready to test your custom design, just checkout and order a single box.

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