Created by “The Fat Jew” and founders of “White Girl Problems”, Babe’s bubbly, canned wine is a millennials dream beverage. Offering 3 flavors, Grigió, Red, and of course, Rosé, Babe blends their bubbly wine with young and fresh branding.

You Deserve This

Babe wanted a way to bring the party to their customers, and with the help of custom printed packaging they were able to create their Party Box.

Babe describes their Party Box as the thing you need to have the best day ever. On the outside of their custom mailer box, you’ll be met with the best affirmation in a deep blue font on a bright pink background: “Babe, you deserve this.” (You do deserve clever printed packaging!) When you untuck the front flap and open their packaging, you’ll be met with a friendly reminder that wine is indeed a friend to the health conscious.

From there, you’ll find all of the essential goods you’ll need to have an amazing time: Two 4 Packs of their Grigió and Rosé canned wines, a tote, white BABE hat, koozies, reusable solo-style cups, straws, and stickers.


Wine isn’t just for fancy dinners, and Babe makes that clear as day in their custom printed boxes. Bringing an element of fun and wit, they’ve made wine an any occasion moment.


Packlane’s Perspective

“This box is really fun and has a bold personality in its printing just like the brand it represents. Custom designed boxes are a fantastic way to create that memorable brand moment.” 

Remy Tennant
Director of Growth

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