Un’kuppd is a subscription coffee company offering unique specialty coffee. Through the use of their origami style pre-filled filtered bags, all you need is a cup and hot water for a perfect pour-over any time. Each monthly mailer box comes with 14 packs of barista approved pour- overs from a featured specialty roaster.
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Using a white base over a kraft (brown) base material allowed for the Un’kuppd design to pop the brand’s bold colors. By using their packaging as not only a branding moment, but also an educational moment, customers instantly know how easy it is to make a cup of joe (or joanne) before they even open their monthly subscription.

The front cover of the design highlights 5 steps starting from opening the filter and finishing to “toss(ing) ‘da filter”. Keeping the relaxed and happy mood going that they created with their design, Un’kuppd cleverly mixed in witty and punny copy into their step by step imagery. Rounding it off, on the sides, they balanced their complex design with a typeface of the company logo.

About the box

  • Box Style
  • Caliper
  • Material
    White Corrugated
  • Dimensions
    9 x 6 x 3 inches

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