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How do I get a quote for my order?

April 11, 2022 07:53am

As you customize your box on the box designer page, you will see the price per unit update in real time. On that page, you will select the size, material, quantity, and box style.  As you upload artwork or add text and select background coloring, our handy calculator tells you exactly how those choices affect the price.

Please note: the price you see on the online design tool may not account for ink costs if placing an order with a dieline. To receive a quote for an order with artwork placed on a dieline template, please click here for instructions. 

The box designer is great for mailer or shipper orders up to 2000 units, or for product box orders up to 3000 units. If you need a larger quantity, we're happy to provide quotes for bulk orders through our Packlane Plus team! Click here to submit your quote request.