Custom Bags

An eco-friendly option that can be customized in any color and with any image, logo, or text. Custom paper bags are an excellent way to further promote your brand.

Print your logo, images, or text on custom paper bags and pack them with all kinds of swag and goodies that can be given away at events. They are great promotional items that will expose your brand to potential customers as they’re carried through shopping malls, business districts, or on trade show floors.

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Additional Information

Full color
Materials Paper
MOQ 3000
Sustainability 100% Recyclable


The minimum order quantity on our bags is 3,000. The per-unit-cost goes down when you increase the size of your order.

Yes, you can add any color or design to your custom made bag. If you want to include your logo, send us your artwork and we'll make sure your bag matches your branding.

We offer 6 different sizes of custom printed bags. Please contact us for sizing information.

The handle size of your custom bag is set by the size of the bag. While we can't customize the size of your bag handle, you can always order a larger bag if you need longer handles.

Not at this time. All of our custom made bags include handles.

Adding personalized gifts to custom bags is a great way to add personalization to your packaging. Custom shopping bags are another popular item that many of our customers ask for. Contact us and we can help you decide which customized bags work for you.