Custom Tissue

Add an elegant finish to your custom packaging with eco-friendly tissue paper made from recycled materials. Make your product and brand stand out by adding your logo or company name to tissue paper.

Our tissue paper comes in a wide variety of colors that will allow you to add personalization to your inner packaging.

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Additional Information

Full color
Materials Paper
MOQ 10,000 sheets
Sustainability 100% recyclable

Frequently asked questions

Our minimum order quantity for custom printed tissue paper is 10,000 sheets per unit. If you need more tissue paper, we’re more than happy to help.
Tissue paper is super lightweight paper made from recycled materials such as wood fibres and paper pulp. Tissue paper can be biodegradable but it depends on whether or not certain inks have been used to color the product.
Yes, you can absolutely customize your tissue paper. We encourage you to use a custom logo or other branding elements with your tissue paper. If you’re using custom packaging, using customized products inside your box will help create a better customer experience.
Tissue paper is an eco-friendly choice since it is made from recycled materials. Materials are sourced sustainably when making tissue paper and some tissue paper is 100% recyclable. Once your customer has unboxed your product, you can encourage them to reuse your tissue paper for future wrapping.
No, but we can help you with custom or colored tissue paper. All of our tissue paper is meant to be used as customized but if you just need a solid color for your tissue paper, we can help with that.
Yes, our tissue paper is safe to include with food items. However, tissue paper may sustain grease or oil marks depending on the ingredients of your product.