Void Fill

Prevent items from being damaged while in transit with recyclable and sustainable void fill materials. Void fill will not only keep your product safe but add an elegant finishing touch. With added extra protection, your product will arrive safely and undamaged. Spiro-Pack tissue coils are available and other void fill types are available as add-ons when you order 2000 boxes or more.

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Additional Information

Full color customization Yes
Materials Tissue Paper (Spiro-Pack)
Sustainability Spiro-Pack is 100% recyclable and compostable
MOQ Spiro-Pack:One 10-lb carton
Other void fill: Add-on for orders of 2000 boxes or more

Frequently asked questions

  • Is my product fragile?
  • Is my product heavy?
  • Could my products be damaged inside my box?
  • Is there a lot of extra space left in the box after adding my product?
  • Do I want to create a memorable unboxing experience for my customers?