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Void Fill

Prevent items from being damaged while in transit with recyclable and sustainable void fill materials. Void fill will not only keep your product safe but add an elegant finishing touch. With added extra protection, your product will arrive safely and undamaged. Spiro-Pack tissue coils are available and other void fill types are available as add-ons when you order 2000 boxes or more.

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Additional Information

Full color customization Yes
Materials Tissue Paper (Spiro-Pack)
Sustainability Spiro-Pack is 100% recyclable and compostable
MOQ Spiro-Pack:One 10-lb carton
Other void fill: Add-on for orders of 2000 boxes or more


Void fill is the material included in packaging that is meant to fill the box's empty space. It is used because it provides extra protection to your product during shipping. There are many types of void fill packaging and each has its own use and purpose which will vary depending on your specific packaging needs.

The most common types of void fill packaging:

Paper is a good choice because you can use it in creative ways to fill your box. It can be crinkled or shredded to provide protection and create a more pleasant unboxing experience. You can also wrap individual items that may be fragile and need to be secured during shipping.

Bubble wrap is a fun type of void fill that people love. Not only will it cushion and protect your product, but people also can’t stop popping bubble wrap once an item has been unboxed! Bubble wrap offers a very high level of protection. However, bubble wrap is not very recyclable so if you want your packaging to be eco-friendly, you may want to consider other options.

Foam is a good choice if you have a product that is prone to scratches, as it will cushion your product and ensure it stays pristine. Foam is often used for fragile items like cookware and plates. We don’t currently carry foam, but it’s coming soon. Meantime, we have good alternative options.

Packing peanuts are made from plastic and not quite as popular as they were in the past. Packing peanuts are difficult to recycle and take up a lot of space. They’re not easy to store or dispose of so we don’t recommend them as a void fill option.

Air pillows are being used by most e-commerce brands these days. Air pillows are thin sheets of plastic filled will air that provides padding to products inside a box. Air pillows are compact and easy to store before being inflated.

Tissue paper is a great option if you’re looking to up your unboxing game. Tissue paper is a great option because it allows you to provide a beautiful void fill option that includes your branding. While tissue paper won’t add a lot of extra protection to your packaging, it’s a good option to create an amazing customer experience.

Size your box

Pick the right size box for your product. Try to reduce as much extra space inside your box. This will prevent your product from shifting during transit and help cut down on shipping costs due to size and weight considerations.

Measure your box

Check your box with a ruler or measuring tape to ensure your product will fit inside. It’s a good item to keep some extra room around your product so that it can be packed and unpacked with ease. If you need help determining how to measure and size your box, check out our handy sizing calculator.

Fill the void

Place your product inside your box and start filling the extra space with the void fill packaging option that best fits your box and product. Consider the unboxing experience for your customer and how they’ll feel when they open your packaging.

There are some important questions you can ask yourself before deciding if void fill packaging is the right option for you.

  • Is my product fragile?
  • Is my product heavy?
  • Could my products be damaged inside my box?
  • Is there a lot of extra space left in the box after adding my product?
  • Do I want to create a memorable unboxing experience for my customers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or all of them, then void fill is the right option to include in your custom packaging.