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Today we get behind the box with Chris from Paleo Life Box, a subscription box that delivers a unique selection of Paleo-friendly snacks every month.

Paleo Life Box
Paleo Life Box

Did you start off your subscription box using branded boxes?

We definitely did! Presentation is everything with the subscription
model, and from the very beginning we made it a priority to acquire
high-quality boxes that we could ship our paleo snack products out in.

What made you decide it was worth the investment before having a substantial customer base?

There is a lot of wisdom to be had in launching with a MVP (minimum viable product), but in our case we were confident that the demand was there for the service we wanted to offer, and we had no plans to lose out on any potential customers that might’ve otherwise been turned off by poor presentation. It’s for this reason that we had no problem spending the capital needed to invest in custom printed corrugated boxes right off the bat.

What inspired you to start Paleo Life Box?

In short we knew first-hand how difficult it is to snack in a way that is both satisfying and still allows a person on the paleo diet to stay true to their dieting goals, and we felt that we could bring a service to the table that would make snacking a little easier for a small price.

What attracts you to a subscription commerce business model versus a conventional eCommerce model?

The shipping cycle of your average subscription commerce business model is a really big benefit. Instead of having to ship our curated boxes out on a daily basis, we ship our boxes out all together at the beginning of each month. That’s really allowed us to focus on other aspects of the business, such as quality customer service, curating great snacks on a consistent basis, and refining the level of value we offer in each box.

What’s the most satisfying aspect of running a subscription business?

Knowing that our boxes are so good that customers keep signing up for more is a great feeling!

What is the hardest aspect of running your business?

The hardest part about running Paleo Life Box is curating great boxes. We try to pack as many products in each month’s box as possible, but the reality is that paleo-friendly snack products are super expensive, and thus it’s a real challenge to find the best ones out there each month and then stuff as many of them in there as possible without losing money.

How has custom printed packaging helped Paleo Life Box?

Custom packaging has allowed us to present the image of a professional service to consumers. A professional image is extremely important to startups of all shapes and sizes, and custom packaging set us up for success in that regard from the very beginning.

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