The All-In-One Online Business Platform Kajabi is here to simplify business owner’s lives. With all the tools you need to easily create online courses, launch marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and design the perfect website, it’s easier than ever to start growing your business.

But having the right software toolbox isn’t the only thing that businesses need to grow a loyal fanbase as we learned from Allie Goodsby, Partner Program Manager at Kajabi. 

With the introduction of their Partner Program, Kajabi is creating their own brand evangelists.

“Our Partner Program is a referral program where Kajabi users can earn commission by referring their clients, friends, and community to the Kajabi platform. This has expanded the reach of Kajabi to new audiences and have drastically increased our number of active customers.”

Business Partners in Crime

Kajabi knew they had to create a community of people who love their service first before starting their Partner Program. 

“If you don’t have that down, nobody will want to partner with you. Creating a community of raving fans takes time, hard work, and specifically: attention to details. Care about the little things (like packaging). Your customer experience will be that much more impressive.”

In creating their Partner Program boxes, they wanted to offer a high-quality experience. They knew they couldn’t send things luxury items like Apple products or Ferragamo in a low-quality, basic brown box.

Not having beautifully branded boxes was a problem and the idea of what seemed like a large financial commitment seemed too much to bear. 

“Everything was incredibly expensive, yet we knew having a branded experience was super important. We hated the idea of someone receiving a package from us as a reward, and them having no clue why they received it or who it was from. We knew there had to be a better way.”

They came upon Packlane when they started looking for custom printed packaging and felt like their nightmare was over. Though they started working with an in-house designer, in a rush they designed the boxes on the online 3D design tool instead.

What they ended up with was a large, luxurious mailer box that perfectly highlighted the Kajabi brand. And for Allie, that was the perfect equation.

“Branded experience + luxury custom printed packaging for a reasonable price = a happy community that are excited about your product!”

Get Inspired

Check out what our other customers are doing with branded packaging:

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