Unprinted Packaging Tape

Keep your packages sealed and secure with high-quality packaging tape — curated specifically for Packlane boxes and packaging. A variety of tried-and-true tapes that can be trusted to stick to your boxes. With water-activated shipping tape you can choose between Kraft and white options. Our Acrylic Clear shipping tape is crystal clear when applied to your packaging.


MOQ of 6 – 10 rolls

MOQ 6 – 10 rolls

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Water-Activated Kraft or white: 10 rolls (1 carton)
Clear Acrylic: 6 rolls (1 carton)

Full color customization



Water-Activated: Kraft or white (bleached) paper, reinforced
Clear Acrylic: Polypropylene with acrylic adhesive


Yes, your packaging tape can be customized to include graphics and your logo. It will look great and add an added element of value to your packaging and your customer’s unboxing experience.

Your packaging tape can help increase brand awareness by including your logo or other branding elements. It can also increase awareness that your product is fragile or heavy which can be helpful when handling and shipping products. Using different colors or graphics on your packing tape can also help you organize and identify products once they’re boxed up and ready to ship.

No, all of our packaging tape is customized. This will give your product a chance to shine when customers see your logo or branding and will help encourage brand loyalty.

No, at this time we do not offer packaging tape samples.

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