At Packlane, we’re often asked where to find great packaging designers by customers who aren’t comfortable creating their own dielines. Enter Dribbble, the leading destination to find & showcase creative work and is also home to the world’s best design professionals. Finding a designer for your packaging and beyond has never been easier.
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At each meetup, hosts receive free swag packaged in custom printed mailer boxes that they can then pass out to attending designers. These meetup kits include such items like stickers, buttons, pencils, inflatable basketballs, and more.

Having a mailer large enough to hold all of these items and potential other swag from sponsors was crucial in the design process. Alongside the custom dimensions, Dribbble designers incorporated their branded iconography within the interior. Dribbble users will quickly recognize the bright pink icons as the common actions taken on the website like giving an image a like (heart), hiring and messaging a designer (envelope), copying a link to clipboard (paperclip), and of course, the Dribbble logo (basketball) among other actionable icons.

About the box

  • Box Style
  • Caliper
  • Material
    White Corrugated
  • Dimensions
    6.5 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches
Each meetup kit is filled with a collection of unique items. Making sure each item arrived safe and sound at its destination required the creation of inserts to secure the interior items. A series of folds in the custom cut insert allow for the mailer box to be sectioned off into five separate sections for each individual set of items.

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