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Are all of my orders eligible for sales tax exemption?

April 25, 2022 07:47am

Possibly! Tax exemption is declared on a per-order basis. It is solely your responsibility as the purchaser to make that declaration on each of your orders with Packlane.

For example, you may make several exempt purchases of packaging for your business and then place an order of boxes for your child birthday party. In your state, that last purchase may not qualify for exemption, but it is up to you to un-check the tax-exempt button during checkout for that order and/or to declare that purchase on your sales/use tax filing.

Another thing to remember is that sales tax is determined based on the state in each order shipping destination address, not the state where your business is headquartered. If you are shipping your order to a state in which you are not Exempt from sales tax, your order will include sales tax at Checkout.