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How do freight deliveries work?

April 14, 2022 01:33am

If you are ordering a large quantity (around 400+ units of a medium-large size box), we may be shipping your order via LTL freight instead of a parcel Ground service (like FedEx). 

What does LTL freight mean?

This means that your flat, unassembled boxes will be stacked, wrapped, and strapped onto a 48 x 40 pallet instead of bundled and packed into cardboard parcels. With freight shipping, the box sheets are carefully stacked on the pallet, covered with a cardboard cap, then wrapped in industry-standard plastic wrapping for protection. The shipping price you see on the checkout page includes freight with lift-gate and curbside delivery service only. 

LTL Freight does not include guaranteed transit times, Inside Delivery, assistance with unpacking the pallet, or moving the pallet upstairs or in an elevator. If asked to provide any of these services at delivery, most freight drivers will say no. If any of these services are needed for your large quantity order, please reach out to our Support team before or shortly after placing your order.

How long does freight shipping take?

Freight travels by trucks on day lanes usually projected in 2-3 day ranges. For example, your order might be placed with a 1-3 day lane service, 2-4 day lane service, or a 5-8 day lane service. The days projected are business days and exclude weekends and holidays. As a result, we can provide only a rough estimate of the delivery date.

Please note: The delivery estimate shown on freight tracking usually reflects the date the freight is estimated to arrive at your local distribution terminal. If lift-gate delivery is needed, the final delivery to your location will usually be scheduled for 1-2 business days after that delivery estimate.

Due to ongoing pandemic conditions throughout the country and sharp increases in demand on the freight industry, many freight distribution terminals are experiencing longer-than-normal processing times. Unloading at your local terminal for delivery appointment scheduling may take up to 5 business days.

Can freight deliver to my house?

While we happily offer freight delivery to residential locations, please keep in mind the following:

  • "Curbside" delivery means the pallet will be unloaded to your curb only. Drivers may have a pallet jack to move the pallet to your driveway or to a non-elevated entryway, but they are not authorized to move the pallet inside of a building without an additional Inside Delivery fee. If you require your delivery to be brought inside, please message us immediately after placing your order to make arrangements.
  • The freight carrier will call you to coordinate an appointment for delivery if the address is recognized as a residential location. Depending on availability and ease of scheduling, this may delay your delivery date (typically by 1-2 business days).
  • Freight is typically delivered to residential areas by large box trucks. If you feel uncomfortable or are otherwise unable to have large vehicles in your neighborhood, please contact us before placing an order for a large quantity. We may be able to coordinate a solution.

Will the freight driver be nice and help me with unpacking the pallet?

Depending on the LTL carrier, drivers may have minimal customer service training. If you would prefer white-glove service, inside delivery, or pallet removal, please send us a message and we will be happy to quote for those arrangements ahead of time.

Please note: If any type of freight upgrade or address change is needed to deliver to your location, we reserve the opportunity to charge your order for upgrade costs.