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Setting up artwork for digital printing

April 25, 2022 08:29am

There are a couple of industry-standard recommendations we would make for artwork printing on corrugated materials (Mailers, Shippers, Corrugated Product Boxes):

For text:

  • Choose a font that is 10pt (corrugated) or 6 pt (paperboard) or larger to ensure high-quality results (too small and the words may appear fuzzy or not be visible in the final print).
  • Choose a thicker or bolder font for the best legibility. Use script or thin fonts sparingly (these are more likely to appear fuzzy or not be visible in the final print).
  • If you are using light-colored or knockout-white text on a dark background, use bold/thick-lettered fonts as much as possible. Inks bleed a bit and the optical illusion of the dark background can make the text appear smaller and can even make it "disappear" altogether. The same applies to any intricate line art or fine detailing.Screen_Shot_2021-12-22_at_10.47.22_AM.png

For line art:

  • Ensure that all line art is a minimum of 1 pt thickness for visibility and easy legibility of details.Screen_Shot_2021-12-22_at_10.47.43_AM.png

For more info, see our Artwork Guidelines.  If you are a more advanced designer who would like to use a 2D dieline template, our Advanced Artwork Guidelines may also help!

If you're worried your design might not turn out quite right, let us know before you make an order and we'll review and advise on any possible issues.

Color Recommendations - Black & Gray

  • Black text or linework should have a CMYK value 0-0-0-100 (black ink only), not a combined or “rich” black value.
  • Large areas of solid gray are also best built as a black ink only CMYK. Example: 0-0-0-20 (no cyan, magenta, or yellow values).
  • Large areas of solid black, such as a black background, are best set to our “rich” black value (CMYK 60-40-40-100) to avoid banding in the final print.

Raster Images

  • Usually labeled as a .jpg, .png, .psd, .tif, or sometimes a .pdf file.
  • We strongly encourage high resolution 300 ppi images. 
  • Lower resolutions (below 300 ppi) have noticeably lower print quality when converted to half-tone for printing.
  • High contrast raster images are recommended for best print results.
  • The dieline template cannot be visible in the image if providing a rasterized 2D art file for printing.

Vector Graphics

  • Usually labeled as an .ai, .eps, or sometimes a .pdf file.
  • Outline all text to prevent unpredictable changes in text appearance.
  • Embed all images (un-linked images may not print).
  • Flatten all transparencies (including any less-than-100% opacity screens or overlays) or convert them to a 100% opacity CMYK color build.