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What qualifies for tax exemption? How can I find out if I am qualified or eligible?

April 11, 2022 08:15am

The tax exemption qualifiers and application processes vary by state, and Packlane is not authorized to advise on these points.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information on tax exemption, we recommend checking out your state's department of commerce website or speaking with the tax professional who assists you with your business tax filings. If a search box is available on your state's website, searching for "tax-exempt" will often pull up the information you're looking for.

Only your specific state can confirm whether your business may qualify and provide you with the necessary paperwork. Once you have that paperwork and an approved Tax Exempt status from your state, you may apply for tax collection exemption on your Packlane orders.

After Packlane verifies your status, it's important to remember that tax exemption is declared on a per-order basis. It is solely your responsibility to make that declaration on your orders with us as the purchaser.

For example, you may make several exempt packaging purchases for your business and then make an order for boxes for your child's birthday party. In your state, that last purchase may not qualify for an exemption, but it is up to you to un-check the tax-exempt button during checkout for that order and/or to declare that purchase on your sales/use tax filing.