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What will the finish on my boxes look like?

April 11, 2022 07:46am

The printed finish on your boxes will largely depend on which Material and Print Finish option you've selected when ordering your boxes. Ink density also plays a small part in how the finish looks and feels -- deep and dark colors produce a high level of reflectivity on printed areas. In contrast, pastels and lighter colors result in a subtle shimmer or nearly-matte effect. Here's a list of our current options and a description of what to expect with each:

Classic White & Natural Kraft

Our Classic White & Natural Kraft material options will have a paper-like matte finish on any unprinted or blank areas. Printed areas (wherever ink is applied) will appear slightly reflective due to the hardened, scratch-resistant surface of the cured ink.

Click here to view full-size photos: White Example  -  Full Coverage Example  -  Kraft Example


Our premium Dreamcoat material option has a clay-coated surface for a soft-touch feel on unprinted areas on the box's exterior, while the box's interior is our standard white satin finish.  We currently have two Print Finish options on our Dreamcoat material: Semi Gloss and HDPrint Gloss. 

The Semi-Gloss option uses the same printing technology that results in a slightly reflective finish on our White and Kraft material options, but the clay-coating makes the surface of Dreamcoat less porous, resulting in a semi-gloss finish and colors that look more saturated and vibrant.

The HDPrint Gloss option uses new printing technology to produce crisp, high definition print quality and a glossy shine on ink-dense areas. 

Semi-Gloss Example (view full size)

HDPrint Gloss Example (pictured on the right, view full size)

If you want to receive pre-printed, pre-sized samples to check out these options yourself, you can submit a request here