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What's the difference between Kraft, Standard White, and Dreamcoat?

April 11, 2022 07:46am

Kraft (brown) and Standard White have a natural, matte material feel. Our premium Dreamcoat material has a smoother soft-touch feel in comparison and a pure white surface for the most vibrant printed color appearance.

Printed areas on our White and Kraft material options are cured to a durable satin finish to resist scratches and scuffs in transit. Deep and dark colors produce a high-level of satin, while pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle shimmer or nearly-matte effect.

Printed areas on our premium Dreamcoat material are cured to a semi-gloss or HDPrint gloss finish, depending on the option you've selected for your order. Please note that the semi-gloss or HDPrint gloss finish is only on the box's exterior.  Deep and dark colors produce a higher level of gloss, while pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle shimmer or nearly-matte effect.  

Both Standard White and Dreamcoat are white on the inside and outside. Kraft is a natural brown on the inside and out. All material options are the same weight. We've included a few sample images below for quick reference - if you would like to see more sample images of our materials just let us know! We'd be happy to share what we have in our archives.

If you would like to receive pre-printed, pre-sized samples to examine each material, along with our print quality and box structure functionality, please submit your request here

Kraft material example:

Standard White material example:

Dreamcoat material example (Semi Gloss & HDPrint Gloss finishes):