The dawning of a new revolution against “Big Bread” began in January 2019 which led to the birth of Uprising Foods, a health-conscious bread company.

The founding brother and sister duo, William and Kate Schumacher, launched their plan of attack with their first product line. Breadlam’s Uprising, which features the Keto Kube™ is a hand-made Keto diet-friendly bread.

Bringing their Keto Kubes direct to consumer, custom packaging was a necessary weapon for their battle.

From Branding Expert to Expert Loafer

Building a business can be difficult but creating the branding for that business can be much harder. Luckily, William’s background expertise in brand management allowed him to propel Uprising Food in a successful direction. 

Before jumping into the bread business, William worked for Procter & Gamble as a Senior Brand Manager. While there, he had the opportunity to work with Olay which was one of their major clients. He managed their North American ecommerce markets daily and learned an invaluable amount about branding in the process.

By being on the frontlines with Procter & Gamble, William has been leading the charge for Uprising Foods. Part of the branding process was making sure customers would be enamored by their Keto Kubes from the moment they entered the website to receiving them.

“Here at Uprising, we believe in the power of packaging. We believe that when we get a beautiful package in a customer’s hands, they will be blown away and be a customer for life.”

William and the Uprising brigade expertly curated each panel’s design on the outside of their custom mailer boxes and folding cartons.

Thinking Inside the Box

“Outside the box, it’s brand-brand-brand. We want to make a permanent memory for you.” 

By cleverly using their brand name, colors, and website links, you won’t forget the feeling when you receive this mailer.

But it doesn’t end there. Inside Breadlam’s Uprising box, you’ll find six individual cartons of Keto Kubes. Each one is perfectly fit within the mailer making for yet another branding moment. Their mascot, Breadlam, greets you at the top of each carton ready to lead the way to a satisfying meal. 

“At the end of the day, what separates a good from a great box is the entire experience both inside and out. So for us, the moment you open this box, we want to continue telling you a story and blowing you away…and show you how thoughtful we are about this revolution.”

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