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About Digital CMYK Print

April 25, 2022 08:29am

We will only use CMYK colors for digital printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black.


Full-color digitally-printed CMYK inks produce a wide variety of color options and image reproductions using either inkjet print (corrugate) or direct-to-substrate print (paperboard).

CMYK inks can create a flood of color on your box, print details like text and ornate graphics, and can be used alongside our digital white ink printing process on kraft material.

Our digital CMYK inks are semi-opaque, meaning that kraft and standard white material liners may show through the ink a bit. Results can vary depending on your artwork as well as the quality of the liner available at any given time.

For more information on best practices when designing for Digital using CMYK Inks, see our Guidelines page here.