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Can I add a glossy coating to my boxes?

April 01, 2022 11:45pm

*Please note that our HDPrintGloss offerings now have a minimum order quantity of 50 units.

Kind of! We currently have a glossy print finish option available on our Dreamcoat material. :)

This means that unprinted (white) areas on your box will remain the original texture of the material itself, while printed (ink) areas will be cured to a high-shine gloss for a striking contrast! Deep and dark colors produce the highest level of gloss with this option. Pastels and lighter colors result in a more subtle gloss or nearly-matte effect. In the example images below, the box on the right is showcasing our Glossy finish option.

To order glossy boxes you can go to our Mailer Box page, set your box size, select Dreamcoat from the Material menu, and then select HDPrint Gloss in the Print Area Finish section.