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Design Typography, Text, and Line Art

April 25, 2022 08:30am

Vector artwork is preferable when possible, but raster images (often photographic artwork) at high resolution work great as well. 

We recommend that artwork is provided at these minimum sizes/weights to print as crisp and clear as possible:


Type Size
Line Art
Digital Print on Corrugated Material
Mailer Boxes
Shipping Boxes
Corrugated Product Boxes
10pt 1pt
Econoflex Boxes

10pt positive

16pt reverse

1pt positive

2pt reverse

Digital Print on Paperboard Material
Product Boxes

6pt 1pt


A few important points:

  1. These are industry-standard recommendations. Regardless of how it may look on-screen, if artwork is smaller than these recommendations, it's unlikely to print well.
  2. Text that is too small can be fuzzy and even unreadable or not visible in the final print.
    Thin lines will likely result in a blurry or uneven print on the final boxes.
  3. Try to keep text in bold fonts and colors for best print results.
    This is especially important if you are using italics or script fonts. Small text, text with thin swirls or serifs, or very thin light text on a dark background will not print well and may not be legible. It is likely that this would result in a blurry print on your boxes.
  4. Outline / vectorize all fonts before saving the final file versions to send/upload.
    To do this in Adobe Illustrator, select all text and choose Type → Create Outlines.


An example of text sizes printed onto corrugated materials with our UV cured inks is shown in the image below: An example of how different line weights can print on corrugated boxes is shown in the image below:
Digitally Image

Bonus Tip! We created a fun personality quiz for you, which will help you identify the type of packaging design for your own brand.