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Do you have any Tips for Creating my Design in Canva?

April 25, 2022 08:26am

Assets from Canva can work great for your custom boxes!

If you plan to lay everything out in a single image per box panel: 

  1. In Canva, click on the Use custom dimensions button from the upper-right corner of the screen.
    This is available in the All your designs view and after clicking the Create a design button.

  2. Set the units to inches in the gray drop-down menu, and enter the dimensions for each panel as a separate file. Please add at least .5 to each side of the artwork to account for industry-standard print bleeds. Bleeds may be adjusted in our Prepress process, specific to your artwork and box style.

  3. Build your artwork on the new blank design you've just created.
    When you're done creating and perfecting your artwork, click Download.
    Select the file type PDF - Print.
    Leave the box Crop marks and bleed unchecked.
    Click Download to save to your computer.

  4. Once you have all of your panels designed and saved, you can upload the PDFs directly to our online design tool:

Bonus Tip! We created a fun personality quiz for you, which will help you identify the type of packaging design for your own brand.