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Custom Box Dividers

Custom box dividers and partitions make it easy to pack and ship multiple items inside your box. Adding dividers to your box will provide additional protection for products that need to be separated. They’ll also help keep fragile items from getting scratched while in transit.

Custom partitions and dividers are a great option for shipping cosmetics, bottles, and jars. If you’re concerned about storage, dividers are easy to store and won’t take up a lot of warehouse or office space. Available for orders of 2,000 boxes or more.

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Full color
Materials White corrugated, Paperboard
MOQ Add-on for orders of 2000 boxes or more


The minimum order quantity for custom box dividers is 2,000 units.

Whether you are using corrugated or paperboard dividers, you’ll know that your product will be protected when shipping to your customers. For the most durable and rugged items, corrugated is your best option. Paperboard is a great choice if you are looking to reduce storage space for your dividers.

Corrugated dividers are thick and heavy cardboard pieces that can be placed in your box to add extra protection for stacking. They are collapsible and easy to assemble. Corrugated dividers are a great choice for shipping heavier objects such as bottles or jars.

Paperboard dividers are thinner partitions typically made of chipboard or 18 pt or 24 pt SBS paperboard. They are a great choice because they take up less storage space. Dividers that use SBS paperboard are best suited for use with custom folding cartons. They are also good for use with bakery boxes and work well with boxes using trays and sleeves.

Custom box dividers are a great addition to your packaging if your product fits perfectly inside your box and you want to compartmentalize your product. If your product already fits snugly inside your box, custom box dividers will add an additional element of protection. If your product isn’t already secure inside your box, you may want to look at other forms of protection such as custom inserts or void fill in order to ensure that your product will arrive safely to your customers.