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Shipping Boxes

Packlane Plus offers custom shipping box solutions with bulk pricing for orders of 2,000 units or more. If you are under 2,000 units, please use our self-serve platform for the fastest result.

When protection is what you need, shipping boxes are the ideal solution, especially with bulkier items. They’re thick, strong, and secure, and will look great on your customer’s doorstep.

When you order through Packlane Plus, you have expanded print options, including lithography and flexography. The best print method will depend on what your boxes are being used for. Due to higher set up costs, lithography and flexography are often not economical unless you need 5,000 to 10,000 units, or more. You’re dedicated account manager will help you figure out the best option.

Packlane Plus can also provide you with protective packaging options, including custom inserts and custom dividers. When you order shipping boxes in bulk you’re also eligible for popular add-ons including void fill and custom tape.

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Additional Information

Material Made from 1/8" single-wall corrugated cardboard
Print options Lithography, Flexography, Digital (Standard and HD Print)
MOQ 2,000 units


In the printing world, no singular print method is better than any other. Each method is widely unique and might be better for a specific job for a variety of reasons. The method that best suits your needs will vary depending on your budget, print quantity, style or content of artwork, and the materials on which you’ll be printing.

If you’re looking to order and are trying to determine which print method will be best for your brand, check out the table above or speak with a Packlane Plus expert today.

Print plates are essential investments for high-volume custom packaging production. Print plates are used to apply ink to the box surface to create your custom design. For some print methods, a separate print plate is needed for each color in your design so when overlaid, they can produce the full-color result. It’s important to keep in mind that print plates are custom-made for each design and for the machinery that will be printing your order; any changes in your design or print method will require new print plates.

Cutting dies are used to rapidly cut your boxes, and are also custom-made to your specific box size and shape. If you change your design, but your box size and shape stays the same, you do not need to purchase a new cutting die. However, cutting dies are fragile and cannot be easily transported, and so can’t be transferred to different production facilities.

Depending on the quantity of your order, you may be able to avoid the cost of a print plate by using a digital print method for your packaging. Digital printing offers lower resolution prints compared to litho or flexo, but still provides vibrant and durable print results. 

Cutting dies help reduce the time and resources needed in the cutting process and is especially helpful in reducing costs when reordering the same design or size across multiple orders or thousands of boxes.

Understanding the difference between PMS and CMYK is important for custom packaging and determining which method best fits your needs. It also helps you and your designers determine the format in which you need to specify the colors in your design files for printing. 

PMS stands for Pantone® Matching System, a color standardization system that identifies and matches color. This ensures that between vendors, platforms, and designs, colors are always a true match. It also helps guarantee that reorders of your packaging are consistent to the color and quality of previous orders. 

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). These are the primary colors used for printing. For each Pantone color, there is a perfect mixture of CMYK that represents the desired color and ensures consistency of that color every time.

By default, Packlane does not guarantee color-matching between CMYK and PMS colors. Due to the nature of digital printing and variances between manufacturing runs of the board on which packaging is printed, color matching can be a time-consuming effort. 

If your order requires PMS color-matching, reach out to our Packlane Plus experts for guidance in artwork setup and a quote that includes the appropriate types of proofing to ensure a great result. 

Yes! We can and we’d love to! Fill out this form with your name and delivery address and we’ll send you a pre-printed sample of our digital printing results for you to inspect, feel, and admire. Each kit contains our full range of styles, materials, and print quality for all digital orders. All you have to do is pay for the shipping and the sample kit is yours for free!

Samples showcasing alternative print methods like lithographic and flexographic printing are not currently included in our standard kit, but may be available by request if you’re working with an Account Manager on your high volume project.

If you need a custom-printed, custom-sized sample with your artwork for your bulk order, we recommend that you speak with one of our Packlane Plus experts to walk you through that process and understand the best option for your needs. Start by requesting a quote and begin speaking to a representative today.

There are several factors that go into the price of your packaging, like quantity, dimensions, material–and the same can be said when it comes to printing methods. The intricacy of your design, the number of colors you are using, and any special print effects you may want to incorporate are just some of the factors that will guide your decision. Luckily, we have many options available for you to help get the best price and solution for your needs!

Our packaging experts can consult you on the various print methods to help you make the best decision. First, they will help you decide whether digital printing or more traditional methods like flexographic and lithographic are best for your order. 

Why choose digital? Digital printing is a great solution typically used for lower quantities of 5,000 or fewer, because it requires no print plates. This gives you flexibility without having to commit to one specific design. Digital prints may not offer the highest-resolution print clarity of the three methods, and its cost-per-unit doesn’t decrease as quickly as your quantities climb; however, your result will be beautiful prints without the cost of printing plates. 

Why choose flexography? Flexographic printing is a great solution for higher volumes of above 5,000 units, because you can secure the lowest cost-per-unit prices at volume.  If you have very complex artwork or designs featuring more than three colors this method might not work for you, but it does offer gorgeous, crisp prints for more minimalist designs. This method does require the purchase of plates up-front, which can only be used for that one particular artwork design and size going forward.

Why choose lithography? Lithographic printing is considered the highest quality print solution available today. It is used for packaging that needs a retail look or to accommodate intricate designs with many colors. This quality is also reflected in the cost as this method is typically the most expensive. Order quantities over 10,000 units are the most cost-effective for lithography. Litho also requires the purchase of tooling, which commits you to certain invested costs up-front. 

If you’re considering all of these factors and are unsure which method will be best for you, don’t worry–our packaging experts are here to guide you and offer consultation each step of the way. Request a quote to begin working with an account manager today!

If you are looking for astonishing print quality at high resolutions and are planning to place large orders for your packaging (5000 units or more), then litho or flexo are likely the most ideal print methods for you.

While these methods may cost more up front, they typically cost less in the long run if you plan to reorder the same packaging multiple times. Due to the differences in how the ink is applied to the material, litho and flexo printing are also able to offer more clarity and fine detail to your design then what is possible with digital printing. With a variety of print materials, finishes, and available add-ons (think foils, embossing and more!), print methods like litho and flexo are ideal for companies that are looking to take their brand to the next level. 

Litho and flexo orders are placed through our one-stop shop for bulk packaging, Packlane Plus. When you order through Packlane Plus, you are matched with a packaging expert who guides you and stays hands-on throughout our relationship.

When it comes to bulk orders, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about shipping and payments. Bulk orders often arrive via freight truck due to the quantities involved. This means they will come loaded on pallets and that you will need to have a plan for unloading. Your Account Manager will help you with this process and will make sure any special needs you have are met, even if it includes unloading the pallets and the boxes for you!

It’s also important to keep in mind that freight shipping rates vary from day to day as conditions change, so most bulk orders aren’t billed upfront for shipping. Instead, they are billed at the time of shipping after your order has been packed, weighed, and measured. By calculating costs in this way, we are able to achieve the lowest and most accurate freight shipping costs for you. However, freight estimates are always available upon request!

Yes, shipping boxes qualify for bulk pricing when you order 2000 units or more.