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Whether you're shipping cured meats, sparkling sodas, or beauty supplies, Econoflex shippers offer convenient stock sizing. Need bulky custom inserts? They can handle that, too. Made with sturdy 32 ECT corrugated cardboard, these boxes get your items from warehouse to doorstep safe and sound.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Our innovative Econoflex print technology achieves crisp, fine lines and half-tone designs, comparable to flexographic printing. Made with 100% recycled and recyclable materials, our Econoflex shipper is completely biodegradable. At such a low price with incredibly fast turnaround, this shipping box is a no-brainer.

What is a half-tone? In printing, half-toning is a technique that breaks up an image into a series of dots of varying size and spacing to reproduce artwork with full tone range while only using a single color.

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Solid as a rock

Sustainable durability that makes your brand stand out while safely shipping your product. Made with 100% recycled, 32 ECT corrugated cardboard, Econoflex shipping boxes protect your precious cargo door-to-door and naturally biodegrade over time.

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We're always here to inspire your custom packaging. Whether you're shipping heavy or fragile items, there's lots of inspiration to help you create a beautiful box design.
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Custom econoflex shipping box

All custom cardboard shipping boxes are produced right here in the USA


Simple sustainability

We created Econoflex, made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials, because we care deeply about our ecological footprint. We are passionate about sustainability and committed to sourcing all of our corrugated and paper-based materials in North America with the highest recycled content whenever possible. As we continue to innovate, our commitment to eco-friendly packaging will remain our greatest priority.

Econoflex Shipping Box FAQ

Frequently asked questions about our Econoflex Shipping Box;
a sturdy and economical choice for shipping bulky items.
What does sustainable packaging mean?

For packaging to be sustainable, both the creation and use of the packaging must be beneficial, safe, and healthy for the environment throughout its lifecycle. It must also be manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices with renewable and/or recyclable materials. Sustainable packaging is physically designed to optimize material and energy, and ultimately, reduce the environmental impact and ecological footprint.

How is the Econoflex box sustainable and eco-friendly?

We source 100% recycled kraft cardboard that is also completely recyclable. All of our materials are purchased from US plants who follow industry-standard clean production techniques and best practices, and which are as close to the final production line as possible in order to reduce the ecological footprint and expense of long-distance shipping.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantities for Econoflex Shippers start at 1. This makes it super easy to run test orders and ensure that your design is picture-perfect before ordering an entire batch.

What material is the Econoflex Shipper box made of?

Our Econoflex custom shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled kraft, single-wall, corrugated cardboard.

What is 32 ECT corrugated cardboard?

ECT refers to the "Edge Crush Test" that measures the strength of a piece of cardboard edge to edge (against the “grain” of the ridges, known as “flutes,” between the outer sheets) when compressed. This is an important indicator of how strong a box will be after its assembled, filled, and stacked. 32 ECT is the standard used for shipments between 25 and 44 lbs, under routine packing, shipping, and warehousing conditions.

What is a half-tone?

Half-toning is a print technique that breaks up an image into a series of dots with various sizes and spacing to reproduce a full tone range in artwork without using a gradient. Our Econoflex box designer automatically converts your artwork into a single-color half-tone, so you don't have to worry about figuring it out yourself! 100% black elements will print solid black, while any gray or lower opacity elements will be converted into half-tone dots.

You'll immediately see the half-tone result in the 3D preview, and you'll have another chance to review and approve your design during proofing. For best results with half-tone printing, please see our Guidelines here.

In the up-close photo below, you can see the varying shades of black/gray that make up the image of the dog and bone are created using variably sized and spaced dots of ink (this is half-tone). Solid design elements, like the 100% black text, are printed as solid shapes for a crisp, high-quality print.


Are Econoflex shipping boxes biodegradable?

Yes! Uncontaminated cardboard is naturally biodegradable, so this means that our Econoflex shipping boxes are too. The good news is that even cardboard boxes with food and natural oils can be composted in your garden. Recycling your boxes has the added benefit of reusing the pulp and minimizing the need to cut down more trees.              

While we always recommend that you recycle your boxes, be assured that they'll break down over time no matter what bin you put them in.

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