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Sizing and Dimensions

April 25, 2022 08:27am

What size should I order? 

For help with sizing, we highly recommend checking out our sizing page here! We offer helpful tips on the process, along with a calculator to provide you with recommended dimensions based on a Roomy or Snug fit around your product(s).

Are dimensions for the inside of the box or the outside?

All of our dimensions are given as inside measurementsso the size you order is how much space you'll have inside the box for your product! 

They're always listed in order of Length × Width × Depth for all of our box styles.

  • Length is measured side-to-side.
    For mailer boxes, this is the side on which the box opens and hinges.
  • Width is measured front to back.
  • Depth is measured top to bottom.


When measuring your contents to determine the box size you need, we recommend adding at least .25 inches to your actual product dimensions, for ease in packing and unpacking.

If you'd like to know the corresponding outside dimensions, please reach out to our Support team here or hop into Chat with your inside dimensions and preferred box style. Since material thickness can vary depending on a box's style and size, providing this info will help us calculate the most accurate outside measurements for you. 

Please note: There is a tolerance of +/- .125" on all measurements due to the custom manufacturing process.

Are the dimensions I pick precisely what I will receive?

We use digital printing with both digital and mechanical cutting and production techniques. While we make every effort to ensure that your dimensions and printing line up precisely as you see them in proofing, there can be up to .125" (plus or minus) variance during manufacturing of any corrugated product. We recommend that you allow for this possibility in both sizing choices and in laying out your artwork.